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At NLNaturals, we provide only the purest, cold-pressed raw cacao that’s preserved in all its vital nutrients and components to ensure the highest possible quality of the product. We offer raw cacao coming from sources like Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia in different forms – we have both cacao paste as well as raw cacao powder to best suit your needs whether it's baking, DIY chocolate making, raw cacao ceremonies, or everyday use for hot chocolate! Browse through our assortment now!

 Cold Pressed  Rich in Nutrients  Made from the Finest Cacao Beans  Suitable for Cacao Ceremonies

Raw Cacao Powder - Ecuador 200g

High quality unroasted and cold-pressed raw Cacao powder from Ecuador.

100% Raw Cacao Pasta - Bolivia

The cacao beans used to make this RAW 100% Cacao Paste come from an endemic and unique species in the world. Ceremonial, unroasted and cold-pressed cocoa paste produced in Bolivia.

Cacao Pasta - Peru

100% Raw High quality unroasted and cold-pressed raw Cacao Paste from Peru. The Cacao paste from the Peruvian Amazon is made from the finest native criollo beans, organic certified, and cold processed in raw food quality.

Cacao Pasta - Ecuador • Arriba Nacional

High quality unroasted and cold-pressed raw cocoa paste from Ecuador. Arriba Nacional is one of the best types of Cacao and is considered a premium cocoa bean. Arriba Nacional is known for its exceptionally full flavor and fruity and floral aromas, captured in a creamy texture.

Cacao Butter - Ecuador 1000g

Our Cacao Butter is made with the Arriba Nacional fine flavored cacao. It is non-deodorized raw cocoa butter with a pleasant cacao smell. It's great as natural skincare, for vegan baking, for refining DIY chocolate. From Ecuadorian smallholder cooperatives. 

Cacao Elixir - Herbal Mix

This is a unique, rounded mix of herbs that is ideal to use in combination with our RAW Cacao paste and powder. With its sensual, invigorating taste and a touch of spiciness, these herbs are perfect to activate all the special compounds of the RAW Cacao.

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