01 Rapé - Crystal Grinded Jurema

Amazingly strong Rapé. Our favorite! This powerful Rapé is milled with the use crystals. This is a new technique to enhance the power and intentions of the user. Jurema (Mimosa Hostilis) Rapé  is a traditional Rapé of the versatile Mimosa hostilis plant. Very strong Rapé!

02 Rapé - Crystal Grinded Canela do Velha

This powerful Rapé is prepared using new techniques in which the powders and ash are grounded with the use of crystals. This strengthens the power and intentions of the user. Canela do Velha is a traditional Rapé of the Canela do Velha plant. Strong Rapé!

03 Rapé Yawanawa Forca Feminina Waxy

This special Rapé is handmade by the legendary Waxy Yawanawa in Acre, Brazil. It is a very powerful medicine to pray with. The Rapé is smooth, clean, strong and very pleasant on the body.

04 Rapé - Crystal Grinded Murici

 Crystal Grinded Murici Rapé. The Murici Rapé is back! One of the strongest Rapé's that we have. It is a strong and beautiful Rapé.

07 Shawandawa Rapé

The Shawandawa Rapé is a basic blend they use in daily life to give strength for work and relax in the afternoon with their friends. It is a blend of a nice powerful tabacco, Tsunu ashes and herbs from their tradition that gives it its gentle flavor and special force.

09 Puyanawa Murici Tsunu Rapé

Puyanawa This medicine was made by the Puyanawa tribe of Mancio Lima, the most western town of Brasil. This Rapé is made with a nice Strong local Tsunu and ashes of Murici, traditionally used by the Puyanawa to prepare their medicine.

12 Rapé Yawanawa Esperanza

Following the traditional recipe of Yawanawa which contains Rustica and Tsunu ash, together with other plants that give it its particular aroma. It is known for its relaxing properties dissipates fatigue and provides good humor.

13 Rapé Relax - Passionflower

Rapé Relax is a carefully formulated blend of Passionflower and Tsuno ash from the Katukina Tribe. It is great for going to sleep and for lucid dreaming.

14 Rapé - Crystal Grinded Cacao

Rapé is made with ashes of the native cacao tree of the Amazon basin. The overall effect is stimulating and energizing together with tingling and heart-opening sensations.

15 Menta Rapé

A very fine Rapé impregnated with Menthol (mint) to freshen up the respiratory system, open the channels, a perfect mix, not too strong to be overwhelming, but strong enough to freshen up.

16 Rapé - Crystal Grinded Samahuma

This Rapé is a unique and powerful Rapé mix that contains parts of the sacred Samauma tree. The Samahuma tree has its roots in the Amazon. It is called "the mother of all trees". Tribes believe that the largest tree on earth has medicinal properties and magical powers. 

17 Spiritual Cleanse Rapé

Spiritual Cleanse Rapé: a traditional medicine from the region used by different tribes, very refreshing, lifting the mind, great in combination with other medicines during the ceremony, guaranteed to lift you up when needed. A medicine that is also used for spiritual baths.

18 Rustica Tsunu Rapé

A beautiful mild Rapé with local organic rustica from the Jurua region with Tsunu ashes, the traditional ashes of the Yawanawa tribe, famous for their wonderful medicine.

19 Rapé Huni Kuin Cumaru

One of our favourites is back in stock! Rapé is a complex mix of pulverized plant. Cumaru is a new Rapé made from traditional ingredients which works very grounding and has the ability to put someone into a deep trance like state.

23 Rapé Xixa Rapé

An extra strong Rapé, probably as strong as you can get. Made with a very powerful rustic and ash of Parica, locally also known as Xixa, an ash that gives a lot of strength to the medicine.

25 Apurinã Green Rapé

The famous green Rapé of the Apurinan people. It uses locally harvested plant from the forest, the so called Awiry. This Rapé doesn’t use any ashes.

26 Huni Kuin Murici Rapé

A Kaxinawá Classic! This Rapé is a traditional medicine in the eyes of the Kaxinawa people. Rapé with ashes of Murici. Cleansing energies of the lower chakra's. 

27 Huni Kuin Ervas Herbal Mix Rapé

The kaxinawa Herbal Mix (Ervas) contains a lot of different herbs, this one made with particular herbs of their use, herbs used for spiritual clearing in ceremonies, like defumation or baths. 

28 Yawanawa Ruma Tsunu Rapé

Rumã: Is the traditional name given by the Yawanawa for the Rapé medicine. This is the traditional Yawanawa recipe, a good strong Tsunu ashes. A wonderful medicine for all occasions. Well blended, simple, strong and to the point. 

29 Yawanawa Mulateiro Rapé

Nowadays the Yawanawa sometimes use the ashes of the mulateiro tree, a bark a lot used in cosmetics for its rejuvenating properties. Mulateiro ash gives strength to the Medicina.

30 Nukini Sansara Rape

A wonderful Rapé blend. It hasa natural analgesic mixed in from the amazon. This Rapé is made by a woman giving it a feminine touch, altough this doesn’t mean it is less strong. For and from the warrior women of the forest.

32 Imbaruna Cumaru Rapé

A wonderful Rapé blend. It hasa natural analgesic mixed in from the amazon. This Rapé is made by a woman giving it a feminine touch, altough this doesn’t mean it is less strong. For and from the warrior women of the forest.

33 Kuntanawa Tagua Rapé

A rapé that contains the flowers of a black palm tree. It is used as protection, for moments in which one wan ts to feel safe. Used for the tribe for spiritual cleanse and it has a powerfull fragant aroma.

35 Nukini Jaguar

A famous Rapé made by the number one Rapé master of the Nukini people, simple, strong and beautiful, satisfaction guaranteed. 

36 Rapé de Mulungu

Traditionally, Mulungu is used in South America as a sleep-promoting remedy for stress, anxiety and nerve disorders.

38 Rapé de Guarana

To awaken the mind, guarana (paullinia cupana) has a high content of caffeine which stimulates naturally and potently generating a state of alertness. 

37 Rapé Forte Canela

Forte Canelo do Velho is an exquisite Rapé, which can be considered one of the strongest. This excellent Rapé is made for more experienced users. Deep and intensely grounding, extremely strong, often overwhelming. The user should find a comfortable space for the application with sufficient time to handle the effects. 

41 Rapé - Crystal Grinded Tsunu

Tsunu Rapé's are one of our most popular blends. Tsunu is a beautiful mix, ground with the use of crystals. This rapé is made with Tsunu bark ash. Tsunu is one of the oldest blends and is known for its powerful effects – clarity, grounding, and focus. 

42 Yuxibu Rapé

Yuxibu is the great spirit of the forest, the creator of all. This blend of powerful herbs and ashes was baptized with the name of the Great Spirit that represents the knowledge of the shaman. Our newest addition and favorite!

43 Rapé Yawanawa Forca Feminina

This blend from the Yawanawa tribe is a classic combination of Tsunu and strong rustica made exclusively by spiritual warrior woman of the tribe Feminine energy manifests in it in every possible aspect.

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