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02 Rapé - Crystal Grinded Canela do Velha

This powerful Rapé is prepared using new techniques in which the powders and ash are grounded with the use of crystals. This strengthens the power and intentions of the user. Canela do Velha is a traditional Rapé of the Canela do Velha plant. Strong Rapé!

01 Rapé - Crystal Grinded Jurema

Amazingly strong Rapé. Our favorite! This powerful Rapé is milled with the use crystals. This is a new technique to enhance the power and intentions of the user. Jurema (Mimosa Hostilis) Rapé  is a traditional Rapé of the versatile Mimosa hostilis plant. Very strong Rapé!

24 Rapé - Crystal Grinded Cumaru

Cumaru is a new Rapé made according to traditional mix. The ingredients are pulverized using crystals/gemstones. Rapé is a complex mix of pulverized plants. Note: very strong !! More powerful than the Huni Kuin Cumaru. It has a very grounding effect and has the ability to put someone into a deep trance like state.

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