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29 Yawanawa Mulateiro Rapé

Nowadays the Yawanawa sometimes use the ashes of the mulateiro tree, a bark a lot used in cosmetics for its rejuvenating properties. Mulateiro ash gives strength to the Medicina.

28 Yawanawa Ruma Tsunu Rapé

Rumã: Is the traditional name given by the Yawanawa for the Rapé medicine. This is the traditional Yawanawa recipe, a good strong Tsunu ashes. A wonderful medicine for all occasions. Well blended, simple, strong and to the point. 

03 Rapé Yawanawa Forca Feminina Waxy

This special Rapé is handmade by the legendary Waxy Yawanawa in Acre, Brazil. It is a very powerful medicine to pray with. The Rapé is smooth, clean, strong and very pleasant on the body.

43 Rapé Yawanawa Forca Feminina

This blend from the Yawanawa tribe is a classic combination of Tsunu and strong rustica made exclusively by spiritual warrior woman of the tribe Feminine energy manifests in it in every possible aspect.

16 Rapé - Crystal Grinded Samahuma

This Rapé is a unique and powerful Rapé mix that contains parts of the sacred Samauma tree. The Samahuma tree has its roots in the Amazon. It is called "the mother of all trees". Tribes believe that the largest tree on earth has medicinal properties and magical powers. 

12 Rapé Yawanawa Esperanza

Following the traditional recipe of Yawanawa which contains Rustica and Tsunu ash, together with other plants that give it its particular aroma. It is known for its relaxing properties dissipates fatigue and provides good humor.

14 Rapé - Crystal Grinded Cacao

Rapé is made with ashes of the native cacao tree of the Amazon basin. The overall effect is stimulating and energizing together with tingling and heart-opening sensations.

04 Rapé - Crystal Grinded Murici

 Crystal Grinded Murici Rapé. The Murici Rapé is back! One of the strongest Rapé's that we have. It is a strong and beautiful Rapé.

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