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35 Nukini Jaguar

A famous Rapé made by the number one Rapé master of the Nukini people, simple, strong and beautiful, satisfaction guaranteed. 

45 Rapé Nukini Sete Estrelas

A beautiful blend with fruity and fresh minty tones. Nukini Sete Estrelas rapé is infused with an Embuabinha, an herb that is traditionally used for spiritual cleansing and sometimes as a natural analgesic. This is a powerful blend that will put you in the process of letting go and receiving, while the ashes of Tsunu will ground you.

30 Nukini Sansara Rape

A wonderful Rapé blend. It hasa natural analgesic mixed in from the amazon. This Rapé is made by a woman giving it a feminine touch, altough this doesn’t mean it is less strong. For and from the warrior women of the forest.

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