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27 Huni Kuin Ervas Herbal Mix Rapé

The kaxinawa Herbal Mix (Ervas) contains a lot of different herbs, this one made with particular herbs of their use, herbs used for spiritual clearing in ceremonies, like defumation or baths. 

19 Rapé Huni Kuin Cumaru

One of our favourites is back in stock! Rapé is a complex mix of pulverized plant. Cumaru is a new Rapé made from traditional ingredients which works very grounding and has the ability to put someone into a deep trance like state.

26 Huni Kuin Murici Rapé

A Kaxinawá Classic! This Rapé is a traditional medicine in the eyes of the Kaxinawa people. Rapé with ashes of Murici. Cleansing energies of the lower chakra's. 

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