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Kratom Super Red Sumatra

Kratom Super Red Sumatra

Are you looking for more energy and is this one of the first times using Kratom? Become acquainted with it Kratom Red Sumatra. 


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The effects of the Red Sumatra leaves is very similar to Red Thai, but noticeably milder. The effect of Red Sumatra stays longer than the Maeng Da Red. Effects: relaxation. Higher dosages can lead to longer sleep.

Kratom can be used in various ways. The most common is the preparation of tea.
Add your dose Kratom to 250 ml of boiling water, steep for 10 minutes. If necessary, add some honey to taste and drink it.


We only have the freshest Kratom for you. By hand-picking all of our leaves, we are ensure fresh kratom. Our farmers work hard to bring you the very best in quality 100% all natural Kratom products. We have our own drying house and production factory situated in Indonesia. In this way we have total control of the quality. A couple times a year we visit our factory to check and (if needed) to upgrade the factory. We work with close friends who proces our Kratom with the finest machines and hygiene. Every batch from our factory is tested in a testlab.

We keep the prices low because we have our own Kratom production. The local people get financial support when you buy our Kratom.

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