Sananga Drops

    Sananga is a powerful and sacred remedy that is used as eye drops. Made from a shrub called "Apocynaceae" from the Amazon jungle. Several tribes in the Amazon region use Sananga to improve their hunting skills.


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    Sanananga Water eye drops

    Sanananga is a very powerful and sacred agent used as eye drops, it is made from a shrub called "Apocynaceae" from the Amazon jungle. Several tribes in the Amazon use Sananga to improve their hunting skills. The Spirit of Sananga helps to cleanse deeply on an energetic, physical, emotional and spiritual level. It also helps to unblock, unlock all chakras and release any stuck energy.

    At an energetic level, Sananga helps to open the inner vision, the third eye, visions, activates the pineal gland, clears all mental confusion, frees negative thoughts and deeply cleanses the entire aura from the inside out.

    Each bottle contains 5 or 10 ml of Sananga liquid.

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