Kratom Super Bentuangie

    This is one of the newer red Kratom species with exceptional analgesic and relaxing properties. It has a high content active alkaloids Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. This makes it very powerful in alleviating pain and giving clarity to the mind.


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    Kratom Super Bentuangie

    Users who used it for migraines and generally other types of headache reported a better response after a while. Every user out there gives this kind of five stars for its excellent analgesic properties.

    If the user needs immediate pain relief, it may be better to consider Red Borneo or Red Vein. Users of the Bentuangie Kratom indicate that the effect is more noticeable in the long term.

    It is said that Bentuangie has also shown positive results for sleeping. The active alkaloids in the Bentuangie bind with the adrenoceptors in the cells in the body to activate signaling pathways that can cause mild sedation, provide a calming effect and physical comfort, inducing sleep.

    Most users of Bentuangie claim that they are extremely enthusiastic, especially because of the calming and relaxing properties. They report that they are very relaxed after taking a dose of Bentuangie.

    However, they also report that they should use a relatively higher dose of Bentuangie to enter a relaxing state.

    About Kratom

    Kratom is used worldwide as a herbal remedy. Kratom can: give energy, get into a state of euphoria and optimism, calm the nerves, give a good concentration, relieve body pain, lower blood pressure, increase libido and improve your mental ability.

    Kratom has grown in popularity over the past ten years, and people now only begin to understand the many benefits of this Southeast Asian tree. What makes Kratom interesting are the different applications that depend on the dose, personal tolerance, weight and metabolism.

    Kratom Dosage

    1-3 grams – Great for most people who are just starting to use Kratom. At this dose, effects are still noticeable but don’t last as long.
    3-5 grams – A good middle dose for Kratom users with a bit of experience. At this dose, users feel more of a stimulant effect.
    5-7 grams – This is a relatively powerful dose for most users. At this dose, effects are opposite those of lower doses, with more sedative properties rather than stimulating.
    10 grams or more – At 10 grams, Kratom is a strong sedative, not recommended for any but the most experienced users.

    Use the following rules when doing your Kratom: start with 1g of powder on an empty stomach and rinse it off with warm water. Keep a close eye on your experiences and see if the kratom gives the right effects you are looking for. After an hour of observing the effects, you can take the same dosage again. Pay attention to what the results are and whether this has the desired effect. After the evaluation, you can decide for yourself whether you need a higher dose or not.

    NLNaturals Kratom

    As its popularity soars, Kratom has become people's favorite buffer against the pressures of everyday life. Its potency may differ from one variety to another – red, green, white, yellow – but the quality of its effects remain first-rate. From euphoria to mood enhancement, to energy and focus boosting, to sedative and calming. Whatever you're going through in life, you'll find your remedy among these stunning South Asian leaves.

    At NLNaturals, we provide you with 100% authentic Kratom strains. Wildcrafted and freshly cut for top-notch effects. Straight from our factories in Indonesia to your doorstep, with no middlemen or trade-offs. Each batch is lab-tested, the powder is finely ground, with zero pesticides or chemicals.

    Our store prides itself on offering the lowest prices on the market because our supply chain is extremely lean.

    So, we hope you enjoy your visit, as we enjoy yours.

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