Kratom Tea - White Sumatra Leaves

    Super Maeng Da White is an all-purpose kratom. With a perfect balance of benefits and effects without being too overpowering, this white vein strain has gained a large fan base in Asia. Naturally engineered to infuse stimulating effects at low doses and switches to a relaxing agent at a higher dosage.


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    Kratom Tea - White Sumatra Leaves

    White Sumatra comes from the white vein kratom plant that is native to Sumatra, a large tropical island in the wilderness of West Indonesia. White Sumatra differs from other kratom species in that it contains a proportionately larger amount of the active alkaloid mitragynine and a lower amount of 7-hydroxy mitragynine.

    White Sumatra allows users to be more focused and productive. Maintaining focus and staying productive can sometimes be difficult, and White Sumatra is the solution!

    White Sumatra functions like coffee (besides kratom which actually comes from the coffee family, anyway). It also provides the same benefits as coffee. Vigilance? Yes. Improved mental function? Yes. Staying awake? Yes!

    White Sumatra works best for people who need more energy in their daily lives, who also face busy schedules every day, also who work professionally or individuals whose work requires a stable and high flow of energy, strength, and concentration.

    White Sumatra is known to provide benefits as listed below:
    - Increased focus and attention to detail.
    - Increased energy and physical capacity.
    - Increased mental and cognitive functions.
    - The ability to think clearly to reach solutions.
    - achieve a positive mood.
    - Motivation and drive to win stronger.

    How to use

    Kratom comes in many forms. From dried and ground leaves, powders and extracts. The leaves can be best used as tea. A simple technique for using Kratom is to brew it into a tea. No special equipment is needed other than a strainer or tea ball. Add Kratom leaf, either the powder or the leaves will do, to a small pot of water and bring to a boil. Or put the leaves or powder into a strainer or tea ball in a mug and pour boiling water over it. Let steep 15-20 minutes. Strain out the Kratom and discard.


    Kratom is used worldwide as a herbal remedy. Kratom can: give energy, get into a state of euphoria and optimism, calm the nerves, give a good concentration, relieve body pain, lower blood pressure, increase libido and improve your mental ability.

    Kratom has grown in popularity over the past ten years, and people now only begin to understand the many benefits of this Southeast Asian tree. What makes Kratom interesting are the different applications that depend on the dose, personal tolerance, weight, and metabolism.

    NLNaturals Kratom

    As its popularity soars, Kratom has become people's favorite buffer against the pressures of everyday life. Its potency may differ from one variety to another – red, green, white, yellow – but the quality of its effects remain first-rate. From euphoria to mood enhancement, to energy and focus boosting, to sedative and calming. Whatever you're going through in life, you'll find your remedy among these stunning South Asian leaves.

    At NLNaturals, we provide you with 100% authentic Kratom strains. Wildcrafted and freshly cut for top-notch effects. Straight from our factories in Indonesia to your doorstep, with no middlemen or trade-offs. Each batch is lab-tested, the powder is finely ground, with zero pesticides or chemicals.

    Our store prides itself on offering the lowest prices on the market because our supply chain is extremely lean.

    So, we hope you enjoy your visit, as we enjoy yours.

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