5% CBD oil CO2 Extract

    We set the bar for our CBD quality high: as clean as possible, the taste as neutral as possible so that everyone can enjoy it. Our CBD oil is made from powerful and beautiful plants that are grown organically for our oil and also the processing process to paste goes according to a controlled system to guarantee the quality.


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    Everyday CBD 10ml CBD OIL 5%

    CBD benefits provide cannabis extracts that are 100% organically grown and made from E.U. certified hemp. This means that the THC values are less than 0.2% and for this reason, the oil has no psychoactive effect on the user and one cannot get high or stoned from our oil. For this reason, our oil is suitable to be applied for health for your specific complaints. You can find a lot about this online and here you can also see if your complaint can be remedied or alleviated by the use of pure CBD oil.

    Our oil is tested after each batch by a professional laboratory. During these tests, the different cannabinoid percentages are measured and we check our oil for possible contamination of substances that do not belong in the oil. Our oil is, therefore, free of pesticides and other waste products and this is visible in our test reports. Furthermore, we can proudly say that it actually contains what we state on the packaging, and our 10ml bottle with 10% CBD actually contains 1 gram CBD.

    What is CBD Oil?

    CBD oil is a food supplement. The abbreviation CBD stands for Cannabidiol, this is a plant earth substance that occurs naturally in Cannabis. CBD is extracted from parts of this plant and is 100% vegetable. Depending on which part of the plant CBD is extracted, the quality can differ. Because the active substances are naturally paste-like, they are mixed with a liquid, such as oil. This is how CBD oil is created.

    Our product is extracted from the tops of our own biologically grown plants. Therefore, we are not only a seller, but we also have a direct connection with the producer. Because of this, our CBD oil is of the best quality. We, therefore, attach great importance to producing the best CBD oil, day after day.


    Cannabis seed oil (NL), Cannabis plant extract (NL).


    500 mg CBD

    mplus 8100
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