06 Rapé Huni Kuin – Xipão

    Nieuw: Xipão kan spanning verdrijven en een kalmerend effect hebben op je geest en lichaam, terwijl de as van cacao ervoor zal zorgen dat je je daarna gereinigd en energiek voelt, helder over waar je naar moet handelen. De Xipão heeft een heel bijzondere en betoverende geur.


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    06 Rapé Huni Kuin – Xipão

    Xipão is an intriguing plant as not much can be found about it online. Huni Kuin tribe collects this beautifully scented plant growing on palm trees, and traditionally uses it to treat flu, fever, and breathing problems. Another unusual element of this blend is cacao, which can improve one’s mood and general wellbeing. This blend will pleasantly surprise you and offer a touch of beautiful tradition.

    Huni Kuin Tribe

    The name Huni Kuin means ‘true people’ or ‘the genuine people’ – the people of an indigenous tribe in the state of Acre, Brazil. During the massive forest fires in 2019, their community suffered, and they are determined to reforest their areas and preserve their culture and knowledge about their natural medicine. Huni Kuin people strongly believe in living in harmony with the forest. They hunt their food locally, gather plant foods while growing crops, and they make their own necessities by weaving baskets, carving tools from wood, creating ceramics, makings canoes, and weapons, and so much more. Huni Kuin is a warrior tribe, fighting for their land, and the protection of nature. By buying this rapé, you support the tribe of Huni Kuin people.

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