Dragon's Blood Olie

    Dragon's Blood is squeezed from the Croton Uechleri. Dragon's Blood is known for its regenerative properties of the skin.

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    Dragons Bood - 30ml

    Dragon's Blood is squeezed from the Croton Uechleri. These trees can be found in the Amazon. The red sap comes from the bark of the tree. The mystical name comes from the flowers that have the shape of a dragon.
    The sap is rich in taspine. Taspine is an alkloid known for its skin regenerative properties. It makes the wounds stop bleeding quickly and promotes the recovery of the wounds.
    The juice contains a high percentage of proanthocyanidins, making Dragon's Blood one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world.

    Shake well before use. For internal use, add up to 20 drops to about 60ml of water or juice, 1 to 3 times daily. In between meals.
    For external use apply to the skin so that it forms a layer on the surface. Use your fingers or a cotton wad.

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