Kratom Liquid Extract - White Sumatra

    This Kratom LiquidExtract is based of the great White Sumatra Kratom! You only need 15 drops for a light dose. 30 for a stronger dose. The best, is to put the drops in water for a drink. 


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    Kratom Liquid Extract - White Sumatra

    The NLNaturals Kratom Liquid Extract - White Sumatra is a strong extract with which the active ingredients of the White Sumatra can be absorbed quickly and effectively. You also do not suffer from having to take + - 5 grams of Kratom.

    The Kratom Liquid Extract is made from our own NLNaturals Kratom. This ensures quality. Partly because we annually visit our Kratom supplier in Southeast Asia.

    15 drops: light dose 
    30 drops: heavy dose