Kratom Extract - Party Gold Capsules 80mg

    A capsule to keep you going all night long. With one Kratom Extract - Extreme Gold capsule you will experience an incredible energy boost of 5 to 6 hours. Each capsule contains 80 mg Mitragynine. That is equal to 8 grams of pulverized kratom leaf.


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    Kratom Extract - Party Gold Capsules 80mg

    This product contains 2 or 10 pre-dosed capsules. One capsule contains 80 mg of Mitraginyne which is equivalent to 8 mg of powdered kratom leaf. Kratom Gold capsules work for 5-6 hours, it takes 30 minutes to an hour for them to work. 


    Experienced kratom users label this product as very strong. Therefore be careful with dosages, especially if you are a novice Kratom user. Some sources say Kratom Gold is a very stimulant product. The feeling is described as happy and active, with a strong desire to perform.


    - 80mg Mitragynine
    - HPMC vegetable capsules. 


    Do not combine Kratom with MAO inhibitors. Use when you are pregnant or when you have to drive is strongly discouraged.

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