31 Kuntanawa Cumaru Trevo Rapé

    One of the strongest Rapé's that we have to offer right now! One of our true favourites. A typical blend made by the medicine man of the Kuntanawa people. 


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    31 Kuntanawa Cumaru Trevo Rapé

    A typical blend made by the medicine man of the Kuntanawa people, his personal favourite. A beautifully scented herb that
    gives focus and strength to the medicine, another one that is great for lifting the spirits, very effective when down, or going to a strong process in ceremony.

    About our Rapé

    Used and handcrafted by various indigenous tribes for centuries, rapé has been known as the ‘dust of the ancients.’ Passed down from generation to generation, rapé blends and recipes have been a well-kept secret kept by the medicine men. At NLNaturals, we have the honor to offer you these blends straight from the source –tribes like Yawanawa, Huni Kuin, and many others. Experience the pure and traditional potency of rapé the way it’s supposed to be!

     Handmade by Tribal Medicine People  Crafted According to Ancient Recipes  Supports the Local Tribes  Purity and Potency Guaranteed


    Glass bottle with 10 grams of Rapé

    rape 3110
    Retail packing