Palo Santo + Copal Incense

    Delicious smelling incense sticks made from Palo Santo and Copal. Copal is known as a tool for opening the soul, intuition, inspiration and as food for the ancestors.


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    Palo Santo Copal Incense sticks

    High quality Palo Santo - Holy Wood.

    Our Palo Santo comes directly from Peru. The Sacred Wood comes from the Andean region and is extracted there naturally from branches or trees that have fallen over. The Palo Santo contains more scent and is moister than the standard Palo Santo offered.

    Palo Santo
    Palo Santo ("Sacred Wood") is a type of wood that has been used for generations by shamans and medicine men in South America in ceremonies, rituals, healing and purification sessions to cleanse the negative in the environment. In daily life, Palo Santo Wood is mainly used to clean spaces and objects energetically, similar to white sage.
    Many people find that White Sage has a penetrating scent and therefore increasingly choose Palo Santo. It has a soft, sweet, warm and soothing scent and works at least as well as white sage.

    Copal is used by various tribes in Mexico and Central America as incense and during (sweat lodge) ceremonies. It is said to have magical properties that help open the soul, intuition and inspiration, it is considered as food for the ancestors, a way of saying thanks.

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